Licensing Changes to BarTender Automation

Our good friends at Seagull Scientific have made some changes to the licensing for the popular BarTender Automation and Enterprise software.

BarTender Automation and Enterprise is licensed by the number of printers in use, and it uses a License Server application to control this. Problems have arisen when network or server issues have caused the client computers to be unable to connect to the License Server. Until now, there was a 72 hour grace period to get the License Server working before labeling would be stopped.  Additionally, if a printer malfunctions and needs to be replaced, the Seagull licensing might prevent the new printer from being brought into use because of being over the number of printers allowed.

The last thing the Seagull engineers want to do is to stop BarTender users from being able to print, so if an event occurs that causes a temporary violation of the license or the License Server can’t be found, the client now has a grace period of 30 days to correct things, rather than being shut down on the spot. The 30 days should be plenty of time for the clients technicians or IT people to get the problem solved while labeling continues as normal.

Making things easy for customers is something that Seagull Scientific is serious about and just one of the reasons we are happy to be a Seagull business partner.

Do you use BarTender for your labeling and printing? If you’d like to learn more, contact me at any time: 603-598-1553 x237

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