What to look for to keep your barcode printers working

Today’s thermal transfer printers have come a long way. Gone are the days of limited models to select. You now choose the right printer to match your application; from small, compact, low volume printers, to wireless, portable and industrial strength work horses designed to thrive in harsh environments.

Maintain Your Label Printer

More businesses across various industries rely on these printers as part of production, assembly, shipping/receiving, identification, tracking and traceability process and more. The more critical the application to the business operations, the more important it is to know you can rely on continuous performance of your printers.

How can you avoid equipment failure?  There are known environmental factors that can affect a printer’s performance along with physical indicators that can alert you to possible problems.  Major disruptions to your daily operations can often be prevented with the right maintenance and adjustments.

To help you avoid unwelcome downtime and delays, please download our ebook “Factors That Affect Printer Performance” (108kb).

After you read it, let us know what you think. Was it helpful? Do you need help supporting and maintaining your printers? Do you have equipment sitting in a box in need of repair?


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