WebHawk – Takes Barcode Tracking to the Cloud

WebHawk from BellHawk Systems

Our friends at BellHawk Systems have taken the step to move their BarCode Tracking Software into the Cloud!

WebHawk allows the use of just about any connected device, PC, Mac, mobile computer, smartphone, etc., to be used with the tracking system.

Some benefits of a web-browser based approach are:

  1. There is no software to load on any of the devices – WebHawk simply needs a modern web-browser
  2. Works with a wide range of mobile devices and operating systems
  3. Can enter barcode tracking data from anywhere you have an internet connection – works in multiple facilities and in the field
  4. Sales people can enter orders and check on their status from anywhere on the road using a smart-phone
  5. Can extend activities, such as KanBan tracking and reordering out to suppliers

Want to learn more? You’re in luck! Peter Green of BellHawk is hosting a webinar on January 20th covers how technologies such as WebHawk to solve inventory management and operations tracking problems. Sign up here

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