Mobility – don’t be chained to the desk

Mobile Data CollectionOne of the biggest improvements technology has brought to data collection has been the ability to move serious computing and labeling power away from our desks and to the locations it is really needed.

This is important because a lot of time is wasted by employees having to walk around to get to desktop computers and to print and take labels to the location they will be used.

As well as the time factor, it is proven that printing a label right at the time and place it is needed reduces the chance of labeling errors being made.

Here at Winco ID we are big believers in the mobility concept and at out ID Showcase event we will be featuring some great mobile solutions from our partners LXE and Zebra.

LXE makes some of the most rugged and powerful mobile computers around, in both hand held and vehicle mount form factors. Need to read barcodes and complete transactions in deep freeze environments? No problem.

Our good friends at Zebra have also taken mobility to heart and offer a comprehensive line up of mobile printing solutions. I particularly like the fact that Zebra offers a portable RFID printer as well as a thermal transfer model.

Need to make your full size printer mobile? At the ID Showcase, we show how our Mobile Workstation from Newcastle is designed to make this easy as well.

How can making your applications mobile help your organization? Come to the Winco ID Showcase on March 14th to find out!

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