Printing GS1 Datamatrix for UDI Applications

If you are involved with manufacturing medical devices, you’ll be aware of the proposed new Unique Device Identification (UDI) rules from the FDA.

One elegant way to handle this is to use the GS1 version of the Datamatrix code to add all of the required information to your labels.

Want to learn how? Why not come visit with us at Winco ID Showcase. We’ll have a live demonstration of how our BarTender label software can easily produce labels encoded to the GS1 Datamatrix standard. We’ll also show how BarTender’s Commander application can be used to work with your ERP system to completely automate the UDI labeling process.

BarTender is certified by GS1 as being compliant with all the relevant standards and combined with our Zebra high resolution printers ensures that correctly printed, compliant labels are produced every time.

Visiting Winco ID Showcase, which is sponsored by Zebra Technologies and LXE is a great way to learn about how label, barcode, RFID and ID Card technology can simplify identifying, tracking and tracing all kinds of products.

Want to learn more about attending Winco ID Showcase? It’s free, so head over to the homepage here where you can get details and sign up!

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