Tech Tip – Trial Features in BarTender

I came across this problem just the other day. A client had an activated version of BarTender, but the software insisted on going into expired trial mode and not printing the barcodes correctly. I’d never seen this before – how could the software possibly be activated and in trial mode at the same time?

A quick call to the Tech Support folks at Seagull Scientific quickly solved the problem. What had happened is that the client had downloaded the 30 day trial of BarTender from the Seagull site and then purchased and activated the software. The problem is caused because the trial version is the highest level of BarTender. If the purchased license is for a lower level, it is possible that the labels are using features not supported in the purchased edition. The software attempts to deal with this by switching to trial mode, causing problems if the 30 day period has expired.

How to fix? No problem – the nice Seagull people have made a little video that shows just what to do to remove these unsupported features. See it here.

Need to use those features? No problem, we’ll be happy to help you upgrade to the edition of BarTender that allows you to use them.

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