Don’t Reveal – Conceal!

Reuse and recycle with labels that can cover up or block out obsolete, confidential, or inaccurate information. A simple thing like a block out label can play a critical role in improving your bottom line by reducing consumable costs and increasing productivity. 

When printed information needs to be overwritten or removed for any reason, don’t spend valuable time trying to remove old labels. Save time and money by reusing existing packaging when you apply a new block out label on top of an old one. Completely conceal obsolete information, reuse packaging, and save money.

Block out labels are useful in many applications. For example, Product ID and Logistics/Shipping labels often require updating, such as when instructions or prices change, so new product labels are needed. Or, labels used to identify shipments with multiple distribution points must be changed after receiving into one point and then shipped to another.  In cases like these, it’s important that the printing on the original label can’t be seen or inadvertently scanned with a bar code reader.

Winco ID offers a series of cover up and block out materials designed to conceal underlying printing for a variety of applications.  Label stocks include direct thermal and thermal transfer papers, as well as tamper-evident and durable synthetic materials.  

Do you have an application where block out labels could work for you? Contact us today to find out how you can conceal and save!

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