V-Tag – Next Level RFID Tracking

Over the last few years, RFID technology has gotten to be pretty good at keeping track of assets – at least in terms of letting us know where they actually are.

Our partners at InfinID Technologies (who are always thinking way too hard about things) have come up with a way to make RFID tracking much better. The new V-Tag can not only track the location of items, but the temperature, humidity, vibration and shock as well.

In addition, V-Tags can talk to each other to create their own instant mesh network – this means that even if a V-Tag is out of the range of a reader, it can send its data via other tags on the network. This reduces the infrastructure needed and this is because multiple tag IDs are received by the reader via multiple diverse paths. This also overcomes effects such as the “center box problem” in a pallet or case where the tags on the inside of a pallet or case are shielded from direct line of sight to the reader. In the V-Tag system, tags on the inside reach tags on the outside which do have line of sight, and their IDs are relayed to the reader.

vTag Network InfinID Tech

V-Tags can be used in conjunction with AssetWorx! the RFID tracking solution made my InfinID.

For example, using the AssetWorx! module for V-Tags, simply install AssetWorx! and the V-TAG module and immediately have the ability to:

• Associate V-Tags with assets or shipments;
• Set thresholds for temperature, humidity, shock and battery level;
• Receive and view tag alarms for threshold exceeded events;
• Receive and view current and historical hourly sensor reports;
• Generate graphs of hourly sensor reports;
• Set alerting rules for tag movement;
• Verify shipment contents for both shipping and receiving;
• Monitor gateway and tag status.

Want to learn more about how V-Tags and AssetWorx! can help keep you in control? Call me at 603.598.1553 x237 and we can set you up with an on-line demo.

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