Nashua Silver Knights

Nashua Silver Knights BaseballFor the last couple of years, our city has had a nice baseball park, but no team. Here in Nashua we have good minor league teams just north and south of us as well as the Red Sox close by as well.

As a result, it has been tough for teams to make a success of being based in Nashua.

We are happy to have another organization, the Nashua Silver Knights having a try to get baseball established in town again. The Knights play in a new college summer league and so far things seem to be going well.

We were extra pleased that John somehow contrived to win the use of one of the suites for a game recently and a bunch of us took advantage to go to the game on a really nice summer evening. The fact that it was $1.00 beer night was rather nice as well.

Here are a few photos from the evening…

John Burke

David, Stan, Ken, Gary, Sue, Noreen, Perley, and Ed

Stan Kosidlo and David Holliday strategizing between pitches

Gary Light

Stan, Sue Turner, the Wheelers, David, Gary, and Ken Frechette

Are you in the Southern New Hampshire area? A Nashua Knights game is a great evening out!

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