Removable Labels

Sometimes you want to label something in your office, or out on your production floor, but you don’t want that label to remain permanently. But when you need to remove it, you are left with a sticky smudge that’s hard to clean, or pieces of torn label that won’t come off neatly. In these types of situations, removeable labels make sense.

Removable labels give you the flexibility to temporarily mark files, equipment, or products for purposes of tracking or identification. For example, we have a customer who manufactures automobile windows. As their products move through production, they are labeled for tracking purposes. Once production is complete however, these labels need to be removed cleanly. For this application, a label with a general purpose removable adhesive is needed. The adhesive has an excellent initial tack that will not build over time to bond permanently, in this case, to the glass. The labels, with the appropriate facestock and liner, can be run through a laser printer for print on demand.

Our removable labels can be made with a variety of adhesives, depending upon your needs. If you need pricing stickers, for example, you would want a label with a medium tack and an adhesive that won’t become stonger over time and is suitable for medium to long-term use. Or you might want a label with a high initial tack and stronger adhesion for applications such as marking warehouse shelves or production parts. If you print your own labels using sheet-fed or continuous laser printers, you would want to use an adhesive that remains stable at elevated temperatures and won’t flow out from underneath the label and damage your printer.

Whether you need the label to remain affixed for a few weeks, or indefinitely, we can create the label in the size or color you need. There’s a lot the think about when deciding on a label, so let us help you sort through all of the details.

What type of labeling applications do you have? Would removable labels be right for you? Call us today to find out more.

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