I Don’t Need a Service Plan – Label Printer Repair

on-site service for barcode label printersHow do you take care of service and repair for  your barcode label printers? I had a really interesting conversation with one of our good customers today, on the subject of service for their label printers.

The company uses a lot of barcode label printers and a couple of years ago decided not to renew the service plan for them. Prior to this, WincoID had been taking care of all the client’s label printers for some years.

Like many US based manufacturers, our client was facing pressure from overseas competitors as well as trying to contend with the tough economic landscape. Eliminating the cost of the service plans seemed to be a good way to make some savings. It didn’t seem to be much of a risk since very few label printing issues had been reported to the IT Help Desk.

Fast forward to today and the picture isn’t very rosie.

Turns out that just about all the company’s Zebra printers have issues and a lot of production time has been lost because the IT team has had to tweak the printers and re-callibrate them just about every time a new label needs to be run. There has also been downtime associated with printers breaking down and needing to have parts replaced – in some cases expensive parts like the printheads and the main control boards.

The client is hiring WincoID’s technicians to overhaul all the label printers and get them back into proper working condition.

So what went wrong?

To me it is quite simple. While WincoID’s service plan provide great coverage, all on-site repairs and parts are included (with the option to include printhead coverage as well), one of the key benefits is the fact the plans include Preventive Maintenance for each machine.

By having the printers checked out and maintained twice a year by WincoID’s technicians, problems are spotted and addressed before they become serious and start to interfere with productivity. This is why the IT Help Desk isn’t bothered by many calls to help with label printing problems.

Want to make sure that your label printers are always at their best? Our technicians are factory trained and certified by Zebra, Datamax and Intermec – we can take care of just about every other brand of thermal printer as well.

Whether you are interested in service plan coverage for your label printers or just want to get your printers fixed, give me a call at 603-598-1553 x237. I’ll put you in touch with the best service team in the business and you’ll have one less thing to worry about!

Check out more info on our Label Printer Repair and Support Service here!


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