Electronic WAWF and UID Reduces Time and Errors

Compliance with MIL-STD-130 and MIL-STD-129 mandates require related unit and/or shipment data to be sent to the Department of Defense for better tracking of goods along the supply chain. Has this caused a noticeable slow down in your workflow process, getting your labels right, and transmitting the relevant data?

Using the current paper-based DD250 system to submit data can be time-consuming, slower during busy times, and manual-entries are prone to errors.

The Wide Area Workflow (WAWF) enables electronic submission of invoices, advance shipping notices, UID, and RFID data, and is intended to replace DD250. The WAWF system accepts UID data along with receiving reports and combo (2-N-1) documents then forwards relevant UID data to the UID registry. Using electronic WAWF and UID submission, can save processing time, increase accuracy of data, and suppliers get  paid faster.

Electronic. Easy right? It can be with idWorx!

idWorx! Electronic WAWF and UID Submittal

idWorx! is a completely integrated and modular .net solution for all RFID and UID DoD mandates, including automated electronic WAWF and UID registry submission. This modular design allows you to choose the specific software you need to get in compliance quickly while keeping controls over your workflow and label management tasks.

idWorx! …electronic WAWF and UID Submittals Reduces Time and Errors

Download Case Study Here A leading global supplier of systems and services to the Aerospace and Defense industry needed a way to reduce the amount of processing time that it took to enter data to the WAWF and UID registry.

Download this case study to learn how idWorx! provided a complete workflow system that saves them time and increases productivity, every month!

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