Barcode Printer Manufacturer’s Warranty – Are You Covered?

Warranty information is something most of us ask about when purchasing a new piece of equipment, a car, home appliances, electronics and really just about anything these days. After that, most don’t think about it until there is a problem and have to look up the warranty information. Under manufacturer warranty

The most common element of a warranty is how long is coverage good for? One year, two, five? At the end of that term, [it] is out-of-warranty. There are other things that could affect the original manufacturer’s warranty on your barcode printers.

Did you know:

  • That the linear inches on your machine may affect the print head coverage or do you know if there is print head coverage at all?
  • That replacement print heads can cost $450 and even $795 each to replace?
  • If you drop or damage your printer, you may not be covered?
  • If you clean your printer, you may void your warranty?
  • That you may have to send it back to the factory, pay shipping charges and wait for the return for coverage?

If your warranty is still in effect, and the problem is covered, why it may not be enough protection.

There is good value in having a manufacturer’s warranty and can be sufficient for some jobs. But it isn’t always enough. For mission-critical jobs, the cost of downtime adds up quickly and shipping your unit to the manufacturer for service can take days or more. Some manufacturer’s offer onsite service using a third party source. If the call goes to a third party for onsite service, are they factory-certified technicians and carry genuine replacement parts to quickly fix the problem. What is the guaranteed response time for being onsite? If they don’t have the parts, take longer to identify the problem, or the onsite response time is actually longer, then your printers are down longer.

Maintaining your printers and other barcode equipment can help prevent costly breakdowns and reduce the cost of ownership.

Can you afford that kind of downtime when it comes to your barcode printers? Download our free ebook here to learn how you can prevent barcode printer break downs.

What will you do when your barcode printer breaks down?

Do you know who to call and exactly what you will need to do to get your printer back online? How much will it cost? How long will your operations be down? Do you have a replacement available in the meantime? Do you need one? Could this problem have been avoided if the printer was properly maintained? The time to know the answer to these questions is before you need to act on them.

Working with a single vendor who can service all your barcode equipment can save you time and money. Factory-certified technicians are able to not only fix the problem but also trained to identify warning signs and act quickly to avoid more serious problems. A skilled technician should make necessary adjustments, regular cleanings, and bring your printers back to factory-specifications for maximum reliability.

Having an onsite service plan that includes preventative maintenance on a regular-scheduled basis by certified technicians can minimize wear and tear on equipment and keep it running at top performance.

Winco ID offers service plans with flexible response times, on-site or depot, includes service for multiple vendor equipment and your other barcode equipment including barcode scanners, mobile computers, print and apply labeling systems, and photo ID card printers. You choose what type of coverage you need for each piece of equipment. This allows faster service for critical equipment and a savings on coverage for less important equipment. Click for Service Plan Details.

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