Implantable Chip A Possible UDI Option

An interesting option for creating a unique device identifier, or UDI, is the VeriChip microchipping system marketed by VeriTeQ. Back in 2004, the FDA approved the use of the VeriChip, a tiny implantable computer chip, for humans. The VeriChip has been in widespread use for tracking pets. With the recent breast implant scare in Europe, the VeriChip could be an interesting option for tracking implantable devices as well.

In 2009, VeriTeQ signed an agreement to implant its 8-milimeter microchip in Medcomp’s vascular access catheters. Medcomp will embed the VeriChip microchip in its vascular ports to facilitate identification of the port in a patient and proper medication dispensing.  Because the microchips have been approved as safe to the human body, it could potentially be put in any device implanted in the body, making it a convenient method for tracking devices.

After VeriChip is implanted in the device, and the device implanted into a patient,  the chip can be scanned to reveal the unique identification number of the device and checked in a database. Should there be any device recalls, patients will know right away if they are at risk.

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