Get the Right Software for Barcode Labeling

If you are looking to print your own barcode labels, then you need to consider the following bit of information. Just because software can print a label does not mean that it can print barcode labels. For example, you probably have software that prints address labels for mailing out invoices or other company communications. But the software used to print barcodes is very different. Barcode label software supports a wide variety of advanced barcodes and data integration needed for on-demand industrial labeling applications.

We are not talking about the preprinted UPC codes you typically see on a retail point of sale item. These types of barcodes only require software that can generate the barcode, and then the barcodes are exported as pre-press artwork. On-demand applications use a variety of barcode standards, such as DataMatrix or Code 128, that allow for a substantial amount of data, plus graphics, and human readable text, which are printed as needed onto labels.

If you need to print barcodes for you labeling applications, then talk to us first. We can guide you in selecting the right barcode lableing software for your applications. Call us at 1-800-325-5260 to get started.

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