Hard Working UID Label

IUID Label for Department of Defense If you work for a DoD contractor, you might well have had to print the special labels that are needed to comply with the MIL-STD-130 IUID program.

Often this is achieved just by printing the label with just the IUID information and applying it to the product, along with the existing labels.

Today, we got to print a really interesting IUID label that was designed by one of our clients.

This label is really hard working. First, it is specially sized and shaped to fit into the correct place on the item. Being a UID label, it obviously contains the Datamatrix barcode, encoded to the proper format (we verify every label to ensure 100% compliance).

Also on the label is the ESD warning logo (from the special font of warning icons included in our BarTender software) and the terminals on the item are also identified by printed text on the label.

This is a great example of making a compliance label work harder – a great job produced by Winco and our creative customer.

Do you need to carry out MIL-STD-130 labeling? Have you had to be creative to get all the data you need onto the label?

Remember, the Winco ID team can help with just about any IUID labeling job you might be confronted with!

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