5 Reasons to Make Your Printing Mobile

When it comes to data collection, mobility is a trendy thing right now – a lot of AIDC equipment makers are coming out with some very nice mobile computers.

Printing isn’t being left behind either!

We are huge fans of the Newcastle Cart system – the perfect solution to make complete workstations mobile! No need to have to compromise with mobile printers lacking features – take your complete workbench with you.

What are the big advantages of mobile printing? Here are 5 I could quickly think of, I bet you can think of more!

Save Time

Your workers won’t have to spend their day wandering around your plant to get labels. Printing the labels right at the point they are needed improves everyone’s productivity and helps …

 Reduce Errors

Being able to apply the label to the product or package right after printing reduces the opportunities for the label to find its way to the wrong place.

Maximize equipment usage

Being able to bring your workstation right to the point of use can reduce the total number of printers needed. No need to have excess machines sitting around unused.

On-Board Power

No power or Ethernet connection where you need to print? No worries, our Newcastle Carts are self powered. As long as the workstation is within range of your wireless network, you can work and print labels just about anywhere.

Instant Gratification

Minimum set up time and no training since all your existing equipment can live on the cart. Start taking advantage of the benefits right away!

The Newcastle Cart in the photo is one of a number we have sold for Department of Defense labeling. It holds everything needed for MIL-STD-129 and MIL-STD-130 labeling and can be taken right to the job.

How can mobile workstations help your business?

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