Logmatix® Warehouse Location Labels

Warehouse Location Labels

Pressure Sensitive Location Labels

How do you identify the various locations in your warehouse, stockroom or distribution center?

Are your warehouse location labels barcoded for use with your WMS or inventory software?

Is everything clearly identified to make it easy for your people to find the right locations for putting items away or for picking?

Here at ID Technology, we have helped a lot of our clients make their storage area easier to manage with our Logmatix® customized warehouse location labels.

There are many types of location labels available – from small labels to fit on small bins, shelf and rack labels, placards that hang from overhead and metal plates embedded in the floor. Location labels can also be RFID enabled, if needed. Need magnetic labels? Yes, we make those as well.

Logmatix Warehouse labelsMany clients have asked us to print all the labels for new warehouses. They supply us with all the location information in a spreadsheet and we take it from there. Other clients prefer to do the printing in-house. In those cases, we can provide the printing hardware and software (if they don’t already have it), the blank labels and printing ribbons. We can also help develop the label templates.

What features are important for warehouse location labels?

  • Need to be easy to see – busy workers don’t have time to be looking around for location
    Magnetic Location Labels

    Magnetic Location Labels


  • Large barcodes – your people don’t want to have to be right on top of the label to read the barcode.
  • Durable – don’t use cheap paper labels that will need to be replaced in a short time. Warehouse location labels need to be made of durable synthetic materials with print that won’t fade.
  • Intuitive – your numbering scheme needs to make sense so that the workers understand right away where they need to go.
  • Installation – make sure the labels are printed in the right order to keep the install simple.

ID Technology can handle any size job when it comes to warehouse labels. We can competitively print even your smallest quantities and our high speed inkjet system can print unique barcode labels at press speeds of up to 350 ft per minute.

Large Volume Warehouse Label Printing

Large Volume Warehouse Label Printing

ID Technology is one of the largest color warehouse labelsmanufacturers of labels in the United States and with regional centers all over the US, we have the local expertise to provide the labels you need for your particular needs.

How do you handle the location labeling in your warehouse? Are your labels all text and holding you back from updating your inventory control? Have they gotten beaten up (or faded) so the barcodes don’t always scan? Do you need help with coming up with a numbering and ID scheme?

ID Technology Logmatix® warehouse location labels might be just what you need – send us a message or call me at 603-598-1553 x237 and we’ll get you started!

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