Portable Power From Newcastle

Mobile Power Newcastle PowerPack

No, this lady isn’t moving a microwave oven. This is the new PowerPack system from our good friends at Newcastle Systems.

We have been fans of the Mobile Workstation that Newcastle builds for ages, being able to move your workstation to right where it is needed, even if no power is available at that point is something that a lot of our customers have taken advantage of.

Over the years, the power pack used in the carts has gotten more refined – to the point that Newcastle now offers this as a stand alone product.

The PowerPack Series of mobile power supplies allow you to have AC power just about anywhere, no need to use long extension cords or noisy generators.

If your business uses mobile carts but needs to add power ot them – this is the solution.

Outdoor events where reliable AC power is needed – problem solved.

Need to set up a labeling or weighing station in a remote part of your warehouse with no power outlets? – yes, the PowerPack is the answer.

Want to learn more? You can check out the Newcastle Systems site for information or give us a call at 603-598-1553.

Do you have a need for portable power? This could be YOUR solution!



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