Write-On Labels

JmarkIf you use labels for name tags, quality control, or medical and surgical applications, then chances are you may need to write a bit of information on them.  It would seem basic and easy to do, but handwriting on label stock can be tricky.  To get quality results with the least amount of smearing, you need to be sure you’ve chosen the correct label material.

Inks dry best and fastest on most uncoated label stocks made of paper or film, so chose this type of label if you are not printing them on thermal printers. If you do need to write on labels that have already been printed on by a thermal printer, you can use labels with a matte or gloss finish. The matte finishes typically have the best drying characteristics for handwriting.

You should also consider the type of marker or pen you are using to write with.  Water based inks dry slower and are more likely to smudge than alcohol or solvent based inks.

Should you need to protect the handwritten label from scratches or tears, consider a label with a clear adhesive overlay that you can apply after you’ve finished writing on the label.

Winco ID offers a full line of label materials designed for handwritten applications.  Call us at (603) 598-1553 or email us to find out which one is the best for your application.

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