BIOMEDevice Boston – Anti-Counterfeiting Ideas

biomedNext week is the BIOMEDevice Boston trade show where medical device designers, engineers, researchers and  manufacturers gather to share ideas and learn about new innovations. Manufacturers in all sectors though have to deal with the complex problem of protecting their brand from fake products and diversion. As counterfeiters become more adept at altering packaging to get their products into the supply chain, manufacturers must use available barcoding and labeling technology to protect their products and customers.Barcodes and Holograms for Authenticity

Traditionally, barcodes on packages were the means to identify and authenticate products. Packaging can also include hologram labels with optically variable security features like laser-hidden images or serialized codes. Tamper-evident holograms show when an attempt is made to remove the label from a package. Holograms can be made that leave behind warning text when removed, or they can be made to self-destruct when attempts are made to peel off the label.

In the barcode arena, the development of the 2D barcode, which allows much more data to be included in the barcode, lets the user scan and transfer data immediately to websites for product verification. Such capability is valuable for detecting counterfeit products because now the location of a product at any stage of the logistics chain can be quickly determined.

RFID is another promising technology for brand protection. The unique RFID tags can transfer data from a product to a reader located a distance from the product. In addition, the tag can be embedded into the product, eliminating the opportunity for it to be tampered with or removed and attached to another product.

These are just some of the ways to use existing technology to protect your products. Do you need a way to protect your brand? Then stop by our booth, #247, at the upcoming BIOMEDevice Boston show. We can talk about ways to use barcodes and labeling to protect your products. Or give us a call at (603) 598-1553 and we can help you on your way to authentication and brand protection.

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