Custom Booklet Labels

booklet2Booklet labels, also known as fold-outs or multi-fold labels, are an economical way to convey lots of information in a small space. Essentially, these labels are multi-paged leaflets folded and laminated to a pressure sensitive label that is attached to the product. The user simply peels back the top layer of the label to open up the label and read the necessary information on the folded pages.

You’ve seen booklet labels on all types of products ranging from garden sprays to pill bottles. Booklet labels provide important data in different languages or fulfills government mandated requirements for regulatory or cautionary data. As a marketing tool, a booklet label is an effective way to highlight your brand and make your product more appealing while still providing the necessary information tucked away inside the booklet.

For example, one of our customers develop and manufacture specialty chemicals and they have specific warning information that needs to go along with each unit. To accommodate the standard signal words, pictograms, and hazard statements required by the Hazard Communication Standard in multiple languages on a curved plastic bottle we helped them create a multi-fold laminated leaflet label.Warning Booklets

So how do you go about creating such a label? As always, start by looking at what you want the label to go on. Is it a box, bottle, or bag? Will the label be applied to a metal, plastic, or glass surface? Is the surface textured or smooth, flat or curved? At what temperature is the labeled product kept – room temperature or freezing temperatures? Will be label be removeable, permanent, or resealable? The answers to these questions determine the type of label materials and adhesives used for the label.

Next you will need to determine the amount and type of information you need to convey on the label. Is the format of the pages a foldout or booklet? How many printed pages will you need? Will there be printing on both sides of the pages? How many print colors will you be using?

Finally, you need to think about the label manufacturer who can create this label for you. Do they have experience delivering custom labeling solutions? Can they offer you advice on how best to use and apply the label?

If you have a unique label project in mind,  then contact us. We have been in the business of helping customers create effective and innovative labeling solutions for over 30 years. Call us at (603) 598-1553, x237 and let’s get started on your new label.




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