Label Printer Applicator – Narrow Aisle

252N printer applicator for narrow aisles You know the problem – your packaging lines are in a very confined space and the last thing you need is for your people to have to fight their way past big printer applicators that take up much of the aisle space.

Most label printer applicators certainly take up a fair amount of space, the operators walk into them even when there is plenty of aisle space.

Never fear, ID Technology has a solution to this little problem. The Model 252N Corner Wrap Label Printer Applicator takes up only about 17 inches of aisle width, even when loaded with a 10.5 diameter label roll.

The 252N is constructed with standard IDT modules that are rearranged on the baseplate in a crafty manner to keep the width to a minimum.

The 252N comes with ID Technology’s pivoting vacuum grid applicator, complete with follow along roller – built to the usual IDT exacting standards. Like all 25x series machines from IDT, the 252N can be specified with the usual choices of print engine from Datamax, Zebra or Sato.

Are you suffering from lack of space in your packaging area or have some other labeling challenge? Call our labeling experts at 817-626-7779 or use the contact form on this site.

You can also download the Model 252N Datasheet.


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