Would a Label Printer Applicator Benefit You?

250SideTampA label printer applicator is a machine that automatically prints and applies pressure sensitive labels to products. If you print lots of shipping labels, content labels, labels with variable barcodes and product information or graphics, then a label printer applicator can benefit you.


ID Technology’s Model 250 Label Printer Applicator

The label printer applicator consists of three main parts:

A print engine that accepts data from a computer and prints the data onto a label using either direct thermal or thermal transfer methods.

A label applicator that delivers the label to the product. Typically a pneumatic or electric cylinder with a specially designed label pad extends out to touch (tamp) the adhesive side of the label to a product, but there are various other methods of applying the label including wiping a label onto a surface.

A label unwinder/rewinder that separates the label from its backing and rewinds the waste label backing after the label is applied.

Label printer applicators are invaluable in high-speed production and distribution environments because they eliminate the expense of preprinted or obsolete labels, and reduce the costs associated with manually applying the labels. You can even read, write, verify and apply RFID tags in one seamless process . You get faster and more precise labeling on your products; check  out the label printer applicator videos and see for yourself.

We offer the #1 selling label printer applicator in the printer applicator industry, with multiple configurations that work in all types of environments. Do you want to find out more? Read Questions to ask when labeling a carton using a Label Printer Applicator. Then give us a call at (603) 598-1553, X237 and we can discuss your application in detail. Or just use our contact page.



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