Laser Marking Rough Castings

Datamatrix codes on rough castingsIn many industries, cast metal parts need to be marked with text or barcodes for traceability and identification.

On a lot of items this can be straightforward but others can be a little more challenging.

In this example a Datamatrix barcode needs to be marked onto a driveshaft yoke casting. While some parts of the casting are machined, the marking needs to be on a rough area.

To achieve the marks shown in the images, IDT’s 20 watt F-Series laser was used.

The first step is to produce a clean area by marking a box onto the product that is slightly larger than the required barcode. After that, the 2D Datamatrix code is marked into the box.

The total time needed to mark the Datamatrix code onto the rough casting is nine seconds.

ID Technology’s F-Series Fiber Laser is ideal for marking a wide range of different materials.

ID Technology F-Series Fiber LaserAvailable in 10, 20, 30, 50 & 100 watt power ratings, it is one of the most complete laser line-ups in the business.

ID Technology supplies a wide selection of laser coding and marking products – from low cost CO2 lasers for package coding to sophisticated industrial YAG and Fiber YAG workstations.

Want to enhance your product marking operations?  We have years of experience in label printing and application and would love to help!

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