HPD Laser for Marking, Cutting, Scoring Flexible Materials

I recently asked ID Technology’s John Gonzales what he thought of our new Macsa HPD CO2 laser system:

“It’s a @#$%$ ^%$#@ of a laser” he said

“So you like it?”


No question, the HPD is a special device. It is specifically designed to carry out both cutting and coding on a wide range of flexible plastic films and foils, making it a perfect solution for food and beverage products.

HPD lasers for coding and scoring - ID Technology

2 HPD Lasers – Coding and Scoring on Inever Machine

The HPD has a unique combination of speed, power, large print area and precise beam control that opens up a wide range of applications.

Large Print Area

HPD laser print quality

Competitor laser on left, HPD on right

What sets the HPD Series apart from other laser systems, is its power, high speed and ability to print and cut over a wide field of view. Even over an area as large as 9.4 x 9.4 inches, the HPD produces a small perfectly round spot size to give excellent print quality, even at high speeds.

On a Form, Fill Seal (FFS) packaging machine, the HPD laser can print high quality variable information on multiple packs in one pass.

Laser Cutting & Scoring

HPD laser cutting and scoringBecause of the precise beam control built into the HPD, it is capable of cutting selected layers in complex plastic films. This allows for easy opening and access to the contents (ensuring happy customers!) while keeping the rest of the package intact. Unlike traditional cutting methods with dies or blades, the laser never contacts the package so it has virtually zero wear and doesn’t rick affecting the integrity of the product and its packaging.

Need to score the film to provide easy opening that won’t cause the package to tear? The HPD laser is great for that as well.

Add to this the fact the HPD can carry out the variable data coding as well and it is a great solution for a lot of flexible packaging applications.

Micro Perforation

HPD laser - perforatingDoes your perishable product need to have a controlled flow between the package and the outside air? Our HPD laser is able to perforate the packaging in a very controlled manner to provide just the right migration between your product and the surrounding atmosphere.

Here’s a short video from Macsa that shows how quickly the HPD system can add micro perforations to a package:

HDP Power

The HPD series laser is fast because of the combination of high power and small dot size. It is available in 30W, 100W and 200W versions. The more power, the less time needed for marking or cutting, so the HPD can handle just about any application.

The HPD Series comes with all the features you’d expect from a Macsa laser:

  • Network capability
  • Multiple user interface (touchscreen, handheld, PC)
  • Ability to print text, graphics and barcodes
  • ID Technology nationwide support

You can download the datasheet on the Macsa HPD Series laser here: HPD Laser

ID Technology has the most comprehensive line up of laser coding and marking solutions in the business and we’d love to help you figure out which is best for you.

What’s the next step? It’s simple – if you want to enhance the coding on your products, call us  toll free at: 888-438-3242 Option#3 or you can contact me directly at dholliday@idtechnology.com We’ll get you in touch with one of our laser specialists, right in your area who can help you determine which laser is the right one for your application.

Oh, Mr. Gonzales is quite right – the HPD is a rather special laser!

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