Citronix Inkjet Coding For the Food Industry

CIJ_Egg_300Food coding and marking, especially directly onto the surface of the food, requires special equipment and inks. Our new Citronix ci3000 Series line of inkjet coding printers is a perfect fit for the food and beverage industries. The non-contact printing method and high print speeds allow you to code lot numbers and date codes onto irregular shaped surfaces and substrates on high speed production lines.

Improved print quality and a redesigned fluidics system makes applying identifying marks, such as best before dates, traceability codes, logos and batch codes, faster than ever. Apply variable information, upper and lower case text and graphics at high speeds to a variety of containers using our range of FDA compliant ink colors that ensures legibility and contrast.

Some applications where our ci3000 Series coding printers provide outstanding performance include:

Egg Coding

Egg coding includes printing of date codes on egg trays within the egg packaging process and feature:

  • Food grade inks that are fast drying and self disinfecting
  • Coding directly onto egg shells
  • Non-contact printing ensures high quality print onto curved surfaces

PETInkjet Coding for Food Packaging

Polyethylene terephthalate is found in soft drink and water bottles, food containers, salad dressing and vegetable oil containers. PET is a common material for such containers because it is inexpensive and lightweight:

  • High speed continuous inkjet printing with fast drying inks ensures code is not smeared
  • Non-contact printers produce high quality code onto uneven and curved surfaces
  • Abrasion-resistant inks that will not rub off


Small character CIJ printers are able to keep pace with your high speed bottling lines:

  • Superior adhesion on wet glass
  • Pigments for contrast printing on dark surfaces or
    adhesion to complex substrates


Create lot codes, expiration dates, bar codes and graphics on cans and bottles that feature:

  • Excellent metal adhesion inks, even on frozen metal
  • Consistently clear coding
  • Thermal sensitive color change inks and steam sterilizable inks
  • Code anywhere from cap to bottom of cans


Inkjet Coding for food productsThe ciPrecisionPlus feature lets you optimize speed and print quality settings using a smooth step control for accurate drop placement, resulting in excellent print quality. And our SmartFlush technology automatically cleans the printhead at shut-down to ensure start up performance and reduce downtime.

When considering which CIJ print technology to use for your application, think about what needs to be marked, how permanent the mark must be, and your line speeds. Then call us. We can help you make the right choice for your application.

Do you have an existing CIJ printer that needs repair or updating? Then it’s time to take advantage of our trade-in program and upgrade to our new line of CIJ printers. ID Technology is running a Trade In/Trade Up promotion on competitor’s equipment along with the extended. Read about the promotion here, and then call 888-438-3242 Option#3. Or contact David Holliday directly at


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