High End CIJ for Complex Printing

MicrocodeNailPolishThe Citronix ci3500 and ci3650 continuous inkjet systems offer very fine micro characters at near letter quality for your complex printing requirements. With these new printers, you can achieve high-resolution characters at print heights as small as  .025″ (.6mm) and as high as .25″ (6mm) for high resolution and small product coding requirements.

Suitable applications for these printers include:

  • Pharmaceutical – Packaged medications and healthcare products are shipped globally. Therefore the coding needs to remain readable after significant wear that can happen during transportation and storage. Bar codes, product information, lot codes, and expiration dates all need to be readable for complete traceability in case of recalls.
  • Electronics – Non-contact inkjet coding selectively deposits ink on a range of substrates and it is right at home in a wide range of production areas, from prototyping to large scale production. CIJ printers use a minimum amount of ink and there is little material waste. The flexible position of print head and small size of the printer means it can fit anywhere in the process chain.
  • Cosmetics – The ci3500 and ci3650 inkjet printers are ideal for small character coding on curved surfaces, and plastic or metal substrates. These qualities mean they are a great choice for coding cosmetics and personal care packaging on high-speed production lines.

Other features of this line of specialist printers include pigments for high contrast printing on dark surfaces or adhesion to complex substrates, and operation in harsh environments. And for exceedingly high-speed applications, we have a high speed 50 micron nozzle that won’t slow down your production lines.

Full print capabilities include alpha numerics, logos, graphics and a variety of linear and 2D Datamatrix codes. Multiple languages are available, bold text, and upper andcitronix-print-cap lower case alphabet give you many options for customizing your text. With reverse and inverted printing, rotated character printing and variable character height and width, you can code onto any surface in just about any orientation. Continuous print capability not just for text, but for sequential numbering, and forward/backward counting, means that the ci3500 and ci3650 inkjet coding printers can easily keep pace with fast production lines.

In addition, the ciPrecisionPlus feature optimizes speed and print quality settings with a smooth step control so drop placement is accurate every time.

What is it that you need to code? We offer the best in continuous inkjet coding solutions, along with service and support. Call us today to find out more at 888-438-3242, Option #3, or email David Holliday at dholliday@idtechnology.com.


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