Inkjet Printing on Round Surfaces

Citronix-3200Sometimes all it takes is a little inventiveness to create a unique solution. One of our customers wanted to use the Citronix inkjet coding printer to mark the entire perimeter of the top of round part. The Citronix was the printer of choice because of its flexible print head and the fact that it is easy to integrate into a production line. The new line of printers – the Citronix ci3000 series – offers a print speed that is 25% faster than legacy Citronix printers for high speed printing, even if the print head and substrate area a relatively long distance apart.

This particular design required that the print head mark a round object. To accomplish this, our developers created a workstation with the flexible print head attached to an adjustable mounting above the table. On the table of the workstation, the part sits in a cradle atop a motorized compartment. When in the Load/Unload position, the part is stationary. (See Figure 1.)

A start button starts the motor, which rotates and raises the platform and part close to the stationary print head. The print head prints onto the spinning part. When printing is complete, the part is lowered to the workstation table and the motor stops.


Figure 1.

Citronix printers allow you to optimize speed and print quality settings to achieve accurate drop placement on a variety of surfaces. The printer technology makes it easy for you to match print speeds to the application to achieve best results. Citronix’s smart flush system also gives you freedom from nozzle clogging so you always realize the highest print quality.

When you want a reliable, efficient and low-cost inkjet coding solution for your unique application, then give us a call toll free at: 888-438-3242 Option#3 or contact David Holliday directly at We have the knowledge and expertise to put together the configurations that will fit right into you production line.

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