Why Product Labels Matter

Kaiser Cheese 400x300The product label is an important element in marketing and selling a consumer product. Consumers need to know the specifics about the product, such as what the product is, how much it costs, how to use it, and how to store it. A product label might also need to comply with industry or federal regulations, or offer warnings of any dangers should the product be misused. On top of all of that, the product label needs to sell the product by communicating to the consumer the brand image and perceived value of the product.

The product label has a big job to do, and on a wide variety of products; produce, beverages, and food packaging are just a few types of products that require specific kinds of labels. Each product has its own labeling challenges and requirements.

Fruit, Produce, Packaged Meats or Fish must have packaging and labels that meet FDA requirements. The product label might also have to survive refrigerated or frozen distribution or storage, or endure application in a wet or cold environment, directly or indirectly in contact with the food. Cod label

Beverage product labels require a premium image as a main focal point to attract attention. Labels of all shapes, colors, and finishes that can perform in high-speed production environments and will last throughout the product’s life cycle are required to maintain the product’s image and brand appeal. Beverage-label

Gourmet Food labels need to project an image of superior quality to support premium pricing and to distinguish the product from competitor items. Full color custom graphics and premium inks enhance the label and convey quality and consistency.baklava-ensembles2

So when you need a label, you want to be sure you work with a vendor who can give you a label that makes your product stand out on store shelves. We offer flexographic labels that features sharper images with vibrant colors on a variety of substrates. Our digitally printed labels provide you with high-quality, full-color labels for short run projects requiring variable data, images, or other information.

Let us help you realize the image you want for your product. We can help you design just the right label in a variety of shapes and sizes, using only the best materials so that your label performs from start to finish. Call us today at 888-438-3242 Option#3. See what our range of products can do for your product labeling applications.




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