How Tough is Your Labeling Environment?

Our ID Technology range of label printer applicators often have to perform in some pretty tough conditions. Hot, cold, wet, dusty – you name it we have had to deal with it.

Model 252E Labeling System for harsh environments

ID Technology Model 252E

One way to deal with harsh conditions is to put the labeling equipment inside a protective enclosure of some kind. While this can often be fine, our engineering team wanted to come up with a real solution for harsh environments, designed from the ground up.

A great example of this philosophy is our Model 252E labeling system – designed to print and apply labels to cases, trays, pallets, or other items, in areas where lesser equipment might be ill advised.

Being part of IDT’s 252 product line, this version is built using the six 252 modules – unwind, electronics, pneumatics, printer, applicator module and rewind module. The design is based on ID Technology’s Centerline Modularity concept, which simplifies design and minimizes adjustments to make labeling equipment easy to use and maintain – resulting in better uptime and OEE.

Everything is built on a robust faceplate that is part of the stainless steel environmental enclosure. Wide opening doors at the front and rear of the enclosure give unprecedented access to both the front of the labeling system (for roll changes, cleaning and print engine access) and to the rear of the machine to access the electronics and pneumatic modules.

The 252E is supplied with a removable door that allows the label applicator to do its job. If the line needs to be washed down, the door is replaced, completely sealing the cabinet.

On the subject of label application modules, the 252E can be set up with just about any applicator from ID Technology’s wide range – this means that the machine can be used for just about any application where labels need to be printed and applied. As always, the customer can choose a print engine from any of the three major manufacturers to ensure that existing label files can be used without having to mess with emulation.

Does your machine need to operate in an area with very hot or cold ambient temperatures? No problem, the 252E can be equipped with a heater of air conditioning unit if needed.

The ID Technology label printer applicator has been the best selling in North America for some years – largely because of the continuing pace of innovation that produces products such as the 252E.

How can we help with your labeling operations? ID Technology has a team of sales and support specialists across the country. To get started call ID Technology toll free at: 888-438-3242 Option#3 or you can contact me directly at We’ll get you in touch with one of our ID Technology specialists, right in your area.

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