Some Laser Coding Solutions

datamatrix-tnOur range of laser coders provide you with permanent, high-quality coding on a variety of substrates. As an alternative to ink jet coding, lasers use no labels or inks, saving you money on consumables.  Our lineup includes CO2, Fiber, and YAG lasers that are easy to use and integrate into existing production lines.

What kind of products can be marked with a laser? Mostly anything, from paper, cardboard, plastic, glass, and wood. You can even use a laser to cut and perforate plastic films. The types of products and packaging that are marked with lasers is extensive, from consumer products on store shelves to metal parts used in heavy industry.bacardi_espana

Paperboard, paper labels or cardboard. Use a laser to mark variable data such as expiration dates, lot codes, or serial numbers at the end of the production process. Because the laser doesn’t come into contact with the substrate, there is no possible damage to the packaging as the package is marked while moving through the production line at high speeds.

Plastic films and foils. Packaged snacks, consumer products, and confectionary goods manufacturers use lasers to code high-HPD laser - perforatingquality lot codes and sell-by dates directly onto the film. In addition, lasers enable precise control so you can selectively cut layers in the most complex plastic films for easy opening and access to the contents while keeping the rest of the package intact. Lasers can also perforate the packaging in a very controlled manner, a perfect application for perishable products.


PET Bottles.  High-volume marking of plastic beverage bottles with lasers results in indelible marks, higher speed Pepsicomarking, and on-the-fly programmable marking as products speed along the production line.

Glass. Lasers can mark lines of texts and logos easily on glass. Unlike ink jet coding, laser marks cannot be removed from the glass and allows complete and permanent traceability. Beverage_Macsa2

Metal.  Manufacturers of metal components used in automotive or medical device industries mark their products to identify them, to Medical_devices_grande-150x150add instructions and to enable tracking and traceability. Increasingly a 2D code is required to meet the industry or FDA regulations, and laser marking allows for putting a large amount of data into a small space. Lasers are an excellent alternative to other technologies, such as etching or dot pinning, because it is digital, fast, and low cost.

What can you mark with a laser? Give us a call and we can talk about your application and show you ways to improve your process and save you money. Call ID Technology toll free at: 888-438-3242 Option#3 to get in touch with one of our ID Technology specialists, right in your area.

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