Labeling System for Round Containers

Model 1500i Labeling System - round containers

LSI by ID Technology Model 1500i

If you need a simple, high quality, labeling system to handle your round containers, our design team have come up with a really good solution for applications needing an output of up to 60 products per minute.

The LSI by ID Technology Model 1500i has been developed to handle a wide range of products, at very economical cost. The 1500i is also designed to be simple to use and maintain.

To keep the pricing as competitive as possible and to allow for fast deliveries, the 1500i comes with a limited option set, that covers all the basics needed for many real-world applications.

The 1500i consists of a robust steel frame and conveyor and ID Technology’s proven ST1000 labeling head. The label is applied to the product as the container enters the wrap station, ensuring excellent quality of labeling. A spacing wheel keeps the containers correctly spaced on the conveyor.

The motor controls for the 1500i are located in a steel cabinet and the start/stop controls are placed for easy access for the operator.

Laser and TTO Coding Options ID Technology

Laser and TTO Coding Options

In many cases, variable data such as date or lot codes or barcodes needs to be added to the labels before application to the product.

The 1500i offers two ways to add such data to the labels:

Laser Coding
Our ICON laser coder uses no consumables and is a simple, cost effective way to add up to two lines of variable text to the labels.

The ICON requires minimal maintenance so is always ready when you need to get your labeling jobs done.

Thermal Transfer Overprinter
If you need to add variable data, such as text, graphics and barcodes to your labels, our all digital 32D TTO printer is ideal.

The 32D printer uses a thermal transfer ribbon to print the required image onto the label and operates in the dwell period between label feeds.

To complete your labeling system, look into ID Technology labels. We have six label printing facilities across North American with a huge range of capabilities.

Customers who use ID Technology labels on our labeling equipment are provided a complimentary, lifetime equipment warranty as long as they use our equipment/label combination.

The 1500i is one of a family of low cost i-Series labeling systems. We also provide labeling equipment from simple labeling heads, right up to integrated pharmaceutical labeling solutions.

Want to get started with LSI by ID Technology? Contact us today – 888-438-3242 Option#3 or you can contact me directly at We’ll get you in touch with one of our ID Technology specialists right in your area.

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