Pro Mach’s 2015 ProCustomer Champions

One of the coolest things Pro Mach does is to recognize each year an individual from each business group that has made a special effort in taking care of our customers, going above and beyond normal expectations.

The 2015 Champions were honored at an awards evening during the Pack Expo Show in Las Vegas.

Pro Mach 2015 ProCustomer Champions

Pro Mach 2015 ProCustomer Champions with CEO Mark Anderson

The winners this year were:

Pro Mach Primary Packaging – Sai Houatchanthara, Axon

Pro Mach Materials Handling – Daniel Cotney, Benchmark Automation

Pro Mach End of Line – Gord Davison, Edson

Pro Mach Bottling & Capping – Troy Pater, Fowler Products

Pro Mach Flexible Packaging – Richard Conwell, Matrix

Pro Mach Labeling & Coding – our own Matt McPherson, ID Technology

Taking good care of our customers is what ID Technology and Pro Mach is all about – we appreciate the efforts of our ProCustomer Champions and their colleagues!

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