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ProTech by Pro Mach - remote solutionsProTech, a remote solutions technology, provides remote monitoring and remote service capabilities from all Pro Mach brands. It is designed to improve productivity, reduce downtime and save money for our customers.

Pro Mach’s new suite of remote solutions is available for all of the more than 20 Pro Mach brands and can even be used with non Pro Mach equipment. ProTech provides packaging operations with secure remote machine monitoring for overall equipment effectiveness (OEE) reporting, remote service and tech support, and customized condition monitoring. ProTech’s Downtime Tracking app sends alerts and Pareto reports that facilitate documented OEE productivity increases and continuous improvement. Now small, medium, and large organizations can maximize uptime and throughput and ensure that capital investments in Pro Mach branded solutions are optimized over the service life of the packaging machine and/or complete integrated packaging line.

The security and redundancy engineered into the ProTech cloud-based solution is comparable to that used by the world’s leading financial institutions. Building on this secure foundation, Pro Mach engineers created a smart services infrastructure that is optimized for the packaging industry.

You can read more about the ProTech remote solution by downloading the ProTech white paper. To hear a podcast from Pro Mach President and CEO Mark Anderson discussing Pro Mach’s remote solution, click the play button below:

Part of the ProTech solution is Customer Portal which keeps track of packaging operations in real-time. The data can be viewed on a computer as well as using our mobile application for smartphones and tablets.

Pro Mach Mobile Portal for iPad

Pro Mach Mobile Portal for iPad

The mobile portal provides real-time OEE data from just about anywhere via a secure web connection. Data and reports can be exported in standard formats and can be scheduled you automatic delivery.

Other highlights include:

ProTech by Pro Mach Remote Service

ID Man Doesn’t Normally Work the Service Desk!

Remote Service – if you are looking to improve the OEE of your packaging equipment, minimizing downtime is of crucial importance.

ProTech Remote Service is designed allow rapid troubleshooting and fixing of issues that might arise with your packaging machines. Many issues can be resolved on-line, but if a service technician needs to be dispatched, Remote Service ensures that the technician knows just what has to be done and has the right parts and tools ready. A big saver of time and money for a modest monthly fee.

Pneumatic Monitoring – with many packaging machines relying on pneumatic systems, the health of these is important to everything running correctly.

The ProTech Pneumatic Monitoring solution lets you know when components are getting close to their break points, allow for preventive maintenance, rather than costly and downtime creating emergency repairs.

ProTech Security – with any cloud based solution, security is of the utmost importance. ProTech by Pro Mach ensures the best possible security by isolating packaging equipment and our customer’s network form each other and from the Internet.

Want to learn more about how ProTech by Pro Mach can help improve your packaging operations? Just head on over to the ProTech pages on the Pro Mach website.

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