Industrial Laser Marking

While, ID Technology is mostly known for our labeling and coding solutions for packaging applications, our line of laser marking equipment is perfect for industrial marking jobs as well.

ID Technology Industrial Marking Systems

Our Macsa lasers use the best available laser tubes, electronics, galvo scan heads, optics and software to produce an integrated system that is easy to use, reliable and creates excellent print quality, every time.

Enclosures and Safety

The most important aspect of a laser marking system is safety.

Laser light is harmful to the eyes and skin so it is important that the laser is correctly enclosed to the standards specified in ANSI Z136 – the standard for laser safety.

Lasers are rated from Class 4 (most dangerous) to Class 1 (safe under all conditions of normal use). Industrial lasers normally fit into class 4 and can be brought to Class 1 level by correctly enclosing them.

iLaserBox 450 Enclosure for Laser Marking

iLaserBox 450 Enclosure for Laser Marking

For lasers using CO2 laser technology, the enclosure can be made from transparent polycarbonate material, but YAG lasers need to be enclosed in metal cabinets, although a viewing window made from specific laser safety glass can be built in.

iLASERBOX Laser Marking Enclosure

ID Technology provides a range of enclosures to ensure the safe use of our lasers, including Macsa’s iLASERBOX series of enclosures and workstations.

Industrial Laser Marking - ID Technology

Which Laser is Right for My Job?

That depends on a number of things such as the material to be marked, the required contrast of the finished mark, what needs to be marked and how much time is available.

ID Technology provides CO2, YAG and FiberYAG lasers with power outputs from 10 to 80 Watts.

We’ll help you choose the right laser technology, power, printing speed and lens to ensure your laser installation produces a mark you can be proud of – every time.

Laser Models for Industrial Marking

CO2 Laser System K-Series

K-Series CO2 Laser

The Macsa K-Series CO2 Laser is one of the most versatile laser products on the market. It is available in multiple versions to handle just about any job for which CO2 lasers are suitable.

K-Series lasers come in 10,600 nm, 10,200 nm and 9,300 nm light wavelength and power outputs from 10 Watt to 80 Watt.

With high-speed scan printheads and optics that can provide a print field of up to 500mm x 500 mm. the K-Series can handle just about any CO2 laser application.

SPA – F Fiber Laser
The F-Series is a pulsed fiber laser, designed to mark metals and plastics.

SPA - F Fiber Laser System

SPA – F Fiber Laser System

The compact sized marking head makes it easy to integrate into many applications and it is available in 10, 20, 30 and 50 Watt versions.

NANO Compact Fiber/YAG Laser

NANO Compact Fiber/YAG Laser

Nano Laser System
Nano is a compact, affordable laser marking system that is available in power ratings of 6 Watt to 20 Watt and both YAG Diode and FiberYAG versions.

2D Datamatrix Barcodes on Printed Circuit Boards

2D Datamatrix Barcodes on Printed Circuit Boards

Confused with so many variations? No problem, ID Technology’s team of laser experts is ready to help you through every step of choosing the right laser for your job. We’ll work with you to determine the laser technology, power, speed, optics and interface that will fit your application perfectly.

With local support across North America, we’ll make sure your new laser marking equipment is properly installed and your people trained in use and maintenance.

Want to get started?  Contact us today – 888-438-3242 Option#3 or you can contact me directly at We’ll get you in touch with one of our ID Technology specialists right in your area.


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