Stand-up Pouch Market Experiences Large Growth

Stand-up PouchWhen buying your favorite foods, chances are you have purchased a product that is housed in a stand-up pouch. This form of food packaging has experienced growth along with the flexible packaging industry. How do stand-up packaging and flexible packaging fit together? Customers are looking for light weight, compact and sterilized packaging solutions, and stand-up pouches are replacing rigid packaging for many applications.

According to MarketsandMarkets, stand-up pouches are projected to reach USD 33.4 Billion by 2020. These pouches are already well established in developed countries, and are estimated to have a high growth rate in economies that are still developing such as those of China and India. This growth is expected to take place from 2015-2020.

An increased demand for packages that include features such as being light weight, resealable and having a lower cost has caused a demand for stand-up pouches. Consumers love everything about the stand-up pouch including:

  1. Zipper pouch
  2. Microwavable pouch
  3. Handles
  4. Tear Notch
  5. Pouring Spouts
  6. Peel-Off Lids

In addition to this, stand-up pouches have gained popularity with consumers because of their handiness of reclosure, size and barrier properties.

Manufactures have moved towards stand-up pouches because of all the features the pouches have to offer consumers. These pouches allow for great visual marketing and ease of use.

According to, the stand-up pouches market is segmented in the following five categories:

  1. Round bottom
  2. K-style
  3. Plow bottom
  4. Flat bottom
  5. Other window bags and spout pouches

On the basis of application, the stand-up pouches market has been segmented as follows:

  1. Food & Beverages: Human food, Pet food, Beverages
  2. Non-Food: Healthcare, Personal & Homecare, Others (fertilizers, cement, paints, and coatings)

Eco FriendlyThe need for sustainability and eco-friendly packaging is an increasing trend. Many manufacturers are choosing to use eco-friendly packaging material because of the consumer pushing for more eco-friendly products, and stand-up pouches offer a variety of ways to satisfy both consumers and manufacturers.

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