Pro Mach Integrated Solutions

Pro Mach Integrated SolutionsHow well do you know Pro Mach? If you use packaging equipment in your business, you probably have some machinery from one of the Pro Mach companies, you might also use labels from ID Technology. Pro Mach is one of the fastest growing companies in the packaging industry.

While the Pro Mach brands include some of the top names in the industry, there is more to our business than individual pieces of equipment.

Pro Mach Integrated Solutions is our team for putting together packaging line projects, from integrating one or more machines to building complete lines. With access to the complete portfolio of Pro Mach products as well as third-party equipment as needed, Integrated Systems has the expertise and experience to handle just about every packaging project.

Pro Mach Integrated Solutions

Pro Mach Solutions – click the image for a larger version.

In most packaging lines, the core piece of equipment is the filler. That is why Integrated Solutions is part of Pro Mach’s Global Filler and Integrated Solutions business group. This team includes some of the leading brands in the packaging equipment industry such as Federal, Zalkin and Matrix.

Our Integrated Solutions team can handle just about any size project, from complete new processing and packaging plants to upgrades of packaging lines.

NJM Packaging powered by Pro MachDo you need to add capacity and technology to your pharmaceutical packaging operations? With NJM Packaging joining the Pro Mach family, we have hugely increased capability in that market as well.

With over 100 years of packaging experience, NJM brings a new level of expertise to our team.

NJM Packaging powered by Pro Mach packaging line integration

Common  Controls

Pro Mach has standardized on PackML for packaging machine controls, whenever possible. This means that the equipment on your line will have similar controls, making for a unified look and feel which can reduce training time and costs.

ProTech Remote Solutions

Packaging lines built by Pro Mach incorporate ProTech, Pro Mach’s portfolio of remote service and monitoring solutions. The ProTech suite saves money by alerting you to any problems that might need addressing, keeping track of the overall efficiency (OEE) of each piece of equipment as well as the complete line and also allowing remote service access, saving both the time and expense of on-site service visits.

Concerned about security? Don’t be – ProTech is designed from the ground up to be secure and to isolate the packaging equipment from your network.

Zipz Wine Packaging Line

Our recently installed packaging line for Zipz single-serve wine glasses is a great example of how Pro Mach Integrated Solutions can utilize the products and skills from within Pro Mach as well as leverage our relationships with other equipment and controls OEMs. This job was to package wine in a very unstable and difficult to handle package – see this short video:

When it is time to look at new packaging capability or to enhance existing operations, be sure to check out what Pro Mach Integrated Solutions can do for you. Contact me today – 603.845.9375 or  at I can connect you with the best resources to help

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