Labeling for Pharmaceutical Serialization

Serialization Aggregation DSCSAAre you ready for your pharmaceutical serialization and aggregation to meet the requirements of the Drug Supply Chain Security Act (DSCSA)?

There is still some time to get into compliance, but many forward-thinking pharmaceutical companies are already putting serialization systems into place.

Macsa Laser Coder for Pharma Serialization

Macsa Laser Coder for Pharma Serialization

Here at Pro Mach Labeling & Coding, our LSI by ID Technology brand has a long heritage of supplying the pharmaceutical industry with first class labeling equipment that meets the special demands of the industry. To help implement serialization, we have introduced the Serialization Series – a line up of serialization-enabled labeling and coding systems to handle all the different package types that are affected by serialization.

Each system in the Serialization Series is designed to interface with the Management Execution Software (MES) system you have chosen to manage your serialization and aggregation. The Serialization Series is MES agnostic – regardless of your software vendor choice, these systems are designed to get you into compliance fast, while also producing perfectly labeled and coded product, every time. As you would expect, validation documentation and expert support is part of our solution.

Applications that are included in the Serialization Series include:

For Round Container Labeling and Serialization

DSCSA Model 1500 for Serialization of Round Containers

Model 1500 for Serialization of Round Containers

Model 1500 is a labeling system for labeling and serializing round containers. Serialization data on the labels is printed using either a TTO thermal printer or a laser coder.
The 1500 interfaces with your MES software to produce an integrated solution for labeling, serializing and inspecting your round containers.

For Unit Cartons

DSCSA Unit Carton Serialization

Model 1920 for Unit Carton Serialization

Model 1920 is designed to serialize unit cartons. This can be achieved using labels, laser coding (the image shows our Macsa K-Series laser) or thermal inkjet coding.
When added to your serialization plan, Model 1920 ensures that every unit carton is correctly marked with serialization data and inspected, allowing only known good products to move to the next packaging station.

For Aggregating Units to Bundles

DSCSA Pharmaceutical Serialization - aggregating units to bundles.

Model 1220 for Bundle Aggregation

Model 1220 is a labeling system designed for aggregation of unit packages into bundles.
As the aggregated bundle enters the system, all the barcodes on the units are captured and uploaded to your MES database. The serialized barcode label for the bundle is then printed and applied. Your MES software associates the unique bundle data with all the units that are included.
The data on the bundle label is inspected before leaving the system so only known good product is allowed to move to the next station.

Serializing Labels Off-line

DSCSA Model 1925 Off-line Label Serialization for Pharmaceuticals

Model 1925 for Off-line Label Serialization

If you sometimes have a need to print and serialize labels off-line, we have a solution for you. The Model 1925 is a system designed to print and inspect labels as part of a serialization solution. The 1925 integrates into your Management Execution Software (MES) to ensure that labels printed off-line are correctly tracked and serialized within your system.
As with the other Serialization Series products, the 1925 is integrated into your MES serialization software to provide full printing, serialization and inspection for your off-line label applications.

Case Packing and Aggregation Stations

If you are aggregating the data for your products, it is important to track what is being packed into each shipping case.

LSI by ID Technology has developed a number of special solutions to help with this.

Currently the Serialization Series systems for case packaging, aggregation and labeling include:

Case Packing and Aggregating Systems DSCSA serialization

Model 1921 – Case Packing Station.
Model 1922 – Case Packing Station with Labeler.
Model 1923 – Case Packing Station with Case Erector and Taper.
Model 1924 – Case Packing Station with Case Erector, Taper & Labeler (label before packing).
Model 1420 – Case Labeling System – after existing taper.
Model 1421 – Case Label Inspection & Reject.
Model 1423 – Integrated Case Packing Station with Case Erector, Taper & Labeler
(label after packing).

How Can We Help You?

LSI by ID Technology has the experience to help with all your pharmaceutical labeling needs. Our products are available with complete validation documentation and the Serialization Series solutions can be used with most MES software products.

In addition, NJM Packaging and Pro Mach’s Pharmaceutical Packaging Business Group can help you with just about any pharmaceutical packaging project, from individual pieces of equipment to complete integrated packaging lines.

Do you want to get started improving your pharmaceutical packaging and serialization?  Contact us today – 888-438-3242 Option#3 or you can contact me directly at We’ll get you in touch with the appropriate specialist to get you going!

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