Flexible Labeling for Bakery Products

Labels for the baking business

ID Technology Labels

The label is an important element in your sales strategy because it communicates to your customer what your product is about, what it offers to them, and convinces them to purchase your item instead of a competitor’s. Packaging and labeling reinforce your brand image, so you want to be sure your labels are attractive, memorable, and enhance the item’s appeal. So how do you get a label that attracts attention? Start by talking to us! We offer a range of labels, such as flexographic, digital, direct thermal and thermal transfer label materials that are durable and comply with industry mandates for product labeling.

Take advantage of our digital printing capabilities to create customized labels for shorter runs. Digital printing fits the need for short runs orcapabilities-jpg package designs for short-term or trial applications, such as a launch of a new product, an extension of an existing product line, or a special holiday or seasonal product.

We offer flexographic printing for high-quality color on a variety of substrates. Our full HD Flexo technology process takes your artwork and converts it to printing plates and proofs, getting your labels onto the press faster and creating labels with exceptional print quality. Our process delivers labels with vibrant colors and sharper images, making your bakery products stand out on store shelves. Do you need to have variable data printed on your labels? We can print data such as linear or 2D barcodes, text, images, or QR codes to engage the consumer with your web-based marketing efforts.  A variety of label materials, substrates, and coating options also help you differentiate your product from others.

Once you hepi-bakery-labeling-systemave the perfect label, you want it to be in the perfect spot. EPI’s Bakery Labeler gently and accurately places promotional, date, batch code or reclosable labels on all types of pre-packaged bread, buns, english muffins or other baked goods. Label placement is key. Depending on how your product is displayed on store shelves, you might want the label on the top of the package, or on the end. For example, if your bread or roll bags are stacked atop one another on the supermarket shelf, then you’d want the brightly-colored promotional price label on the gusset end of the bread or bun bag, facing consumers strolling the store aisles. If your product is set on an end cap or display standing on the gusseted end of the bag, then a top label would make sense.

The labeler provides 30-second change over to label either the tops or the gusseted ends of bread, bun and roll packages, which means quick changeover on your high-speed production line.

Want to find out more about how our products can help you label and code your bakery products? Give us a call at 888-438-3242 Option#3 or you can contact David Holliday at dholliday@idtechnology.com.


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