Labeling and Coding for Soft Drinks

Labeling and coding for Soft Drinks

If you are in the soft drinks industry, you’ll already appreciate how important the labeling and coding of your products is. Whether for marketing, traceability or compliance, good labeling can only increase the quality of the product you sell.

At ID Technology, we provide labeling and coding solutions for every level of packaging for soft drinks and bottled water producers, from expertly printed prime labels to labeling and coding equipment.

Primary Packaging

labeling and coding for soft drinks


Pressure Sensitive Labels

With six label printing plants, ID Technology is able to provide flexo or digital labels for just about every application.

Our Flexographic, digital, direct thermal and thermal transfer label materials are durable and comply with the FDA mandates for beverage labeling.

  • High-resolution barcodes, images, or text on durable labels.
  • Any shape and size for a variety of surface materials.
  • Adhesives that perform in water rinses, condensation, and temperature changes.
  • High quality prime labels.

Digital Labels

Offering the flexibility and quality of digital printing with high volume output, our HP Indigo presses can handle even the most complex printing jobs.

  • Quality prime labels with high resolution, better color gamut, and life-like colors.
  • Less setup time, and no plates mean an economical solution for custom short run labels with faster turn-around times.
  • Design flexibility lets you personalize labels in different languages or alphabets.
  • Variable data printing for customized labels.

Flexographic Labels

For high-quality color, high volume labels, flexographic printed labels from ID Technology provide the best graphic arts reproduction process for package printing. Flexographic printing can be done on a wide range of substrate materials, yielding superior quality graphics and barcodes.

Macsa Laser Coders

Macsa laser coders for soft drinks packaging

Macsa SPA Laser Coder

Macsa lasers produce high-quality lot codes, sell-by dates and variable data directly onto packaging materials such as paper and board, glass, and the plastics typically used in beverage packaging. No consumables are needed and the lasers require minimal maintenance.

  • The laser codes high contrast lot numbers and text on paper labels.
  • Code traceability data, such as batch, season, bottling date, customer code, and production date directly onto glass and plastic bottles.
  • Optional IP65 is available for harsh environments.

Continuous Inkjet

Citronix inkjet ci5000 series

Designed and built here in the USA, our Citronix ci5000 Series CIJ printers are well known for ease of use, minimal maintenance and great print quality. This is a cost-effective way to add real-time coding to your products and keep up with Citronix ci5000 CIJ printer from ID Technologyhigh-speed production lines. Add identifying marks such as date and lot codes, barcodes, traceability codes and logos to almost any kind of material or surface.

  • Stable inks that cure immediately to eliminate smearing and distortion.
  • Perfect for adding date codes to bottles and cans.
  • Excellent ink adhesion, even with condensation.

Labeling Systems for Bottles

The LSI by ID Technology Model 1500i Wrap Labeling System features calibrated adjustments and a PLC controlled labeling head, the same features found on more expensive systems, in an economical and compact machine.

  • Apply labels to bottles that are either filled and capped
    or empty.
  • The heavy duty aluminum plate and stainless steel construction provides 24/7 operation.
  • Capable of printing variable data onto labels. • Optional thermal transfer coder for date and lot coding.

Thermal Transfer Overprinters

Our range of Thermal Transfer Overprinters (TTO) add variable information to flexible packaging – date codes, lot numbers, price, and barcodes.

Each EasyPrint thermal transfer overprinter integrates into both intermittent and continuous packaging lines for maximum uptime. Thermal transfer overprinting is the perfect choice for printing sharp, clear image on packaging in high volume manufacturing environments.

Optional enclosure protects the printer during wash down.

Secondary Packaging

Label Printer Applicators

ID Technology’s range of label printer applicators offer a modular design and quality construction. Apply labels consistently and accurately in any type of production environment:

  • Label one or multiple sides of shipping case (see here)
  • Print and apply shell and blank labels in real-time.
  • Range of applicator modules for all applications.

Labeling Boxes and Pallets.

Print and apply multiple labels to pallets or boxes with one of ID Technology’s elegant and cost effective solutions.

GS1 barcode labeling - ID Technology

  • Apply labels to one, two or three sides of box or pallet.
  • Works with irregular pallets and tolerances in material handling.
  • Choice of proven OEM print engine from SATO, Zebra or Datamax.
  • Built on the top selling 252 platform.

Laser Marking on Cartons

Laser Case Marking Macsa Datalase

Macsa Laser & Datalase for Case Marking

Combining a DataLase solution with our Macsa lasers gives you the option of marking directly onto cartons. The DataLase material is printed directly onto the carton during converting and produces a color
change when activated with a low power CO2 laser.

High-Resolution Inkjet

FoxJet for case marking

Replace preprinted cases and cartons with large character printing on demand. ProSeries inkjet printers produce high quality, high-resolution text, barcodes and graphic images.Various printhead configurations, provide up to 4” high print at 300 dpi print resolution.

Featured Pro Mach Solutions

Zalkin designs and manufacturers high-speed capping machines for a variety of industries, including carbonated drinks. Capping machines feature unique technologies for a wide range of closure types, such as screw caps, roll-on aluminum closures, oriented and non-oriented push-down closures. plugs, fitments, and lids.

Zalkin Capping Systems

Zalkin Capping Systems

Roberts PolyPro designs and manufactures innovative plastic fixtures to enhance packaging in the beverage industry.  They offer a wide variety of bottle handles, bottle multi-packs, and beverage carriers. Discover custom bottle handle solutions to fit your needs, from single bottle handles to multi-pack products.

Consumer friendly handles - Roberts PolyPro

Consumer friendly handles – Roberts PolyPro

Do you work in the soft drinks industry? We have a lot of creative solutions to help with your labeling and coding.

To learn more, contact us today at, 888-438-3242 Option#3 or you can contact me directly at We’ll get you in touch with one of our ID Technology specialists, right in your area.

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