A Sea of Orange Day-Glo

Jim Immel, EPI Technical Sales Manger has had production managers from large regional bakers call him and exclaim that they are drowning in a “sea of orange day-glo”.  Those of you familiar with commercial baking know that orange day-glo labels are a mainstay for bakery promotional labeling. One manager even went on to to explain that his current labeling equipment (not EPI’s) seemed to be better at labeling the conveyor and floor than the product.

Clamshell Packaging Container

We spent some time talking about his application and, after feeling comfortable that we understood his situation, we introduced him to EPI’s Bakery Labeler.  Jim explained to him that this labeler was designed specifically for labeling bread and buns and that its pivoting tamp applicator allowed it to quickly change between labeling the top and the gusset end of loaves.  Best of all, the tamp applicator gently, but securely applies labels directly to the product, thereby draining his “sea of orange day-glo.”

EPI recognizes that each operation faces different challenges.  We take the time to listen and work with the client to make sure they are getting the right labeler for the job! Our machines make it easy to have an efficient workflow on your production line.

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