Improve Productivity, Sustainability with New Labels

Can changing the label material you use for your barcode labeling make a big difference to your operations?

It certainly can, if you switch to ID Technology’s new AutoSeries EX label stock.

AutoSeries EX is the new label product line from ID Technology – designed to enhance your print and apply labeling for secondary packaging and logistics. 

Utilizing a smoother and denser liner, AutoSeries EX labels improve productivity, performance, and sustainability – all while using the same proven facesheet materials and adhesive weights, so there is no compromise on printing or application performance.

AutoSeries EX material is available for both thermal transfer and direct thermal printing and in standard paper as well as synthetics.


EX-tended Productivity

EX materials provide 20% more labels per roll, resulting in less downtime for label roll changes. 

Stopping for label roll replenishment only takes a few minutes but it adds up over the course of a year.

The following example demonstrates the EX advantage benefit, when using a 4.000 X 6.000 label and a 14” OD roll configuration – based on 5 million labels per year.


Reduce Downtime With AutoSeries EX Labels


EX-tended Performance

EX materials utilize a smoother and denser liner.  These properties allow for more consistent diecut depth, cleaner label release, and less adhesive buildup over time.  Customers benefit from a higher-performing product and reduced maintenance requirements.

The die-cutting performance of AutoSeries EX helps us get you the possible quality labels – every time!


EX-tended Sustainability

As the need for environmental sustainability continues to increase, brands are looking for ways to make their operations greener. 

Labels made from AutoSeries EX materials, yield a 30% reduction in label landfill waste – thanks to the thinner, denser liner. 

In addition, winding more labels per roll allows more labels to be packed per pallet – translating to fewer shipments (and therefore reduced carbon emissions) per year. 


Want to make an even bigger contribution to reducing landfill waste?

Consider switching to direct thermal labels as an alternative to thermal transfer. A company printing 5,000.000 4 x 6 inch thermal transfer labels per year is adding 2.5 million feet of ribbon waste to their local landfill per year! 

Obviously using direct thermal labels also has the advantage of having one less consumable item (the thermal transfer ribbon) to change, reducing roll change time, and improving productivity.

Sometimes You Can Have it All!

Because the price of the new AutoSeries EX labels is unchanged from our conventional labels, our customers are in a great position to enjoy the advantages this new range of materials brings.

The existing features of our AutoSeries labels, clear leaders and trailers, label/ribbon kits for thermal transfer – matched lengths of label and ribbon rolls to reduce stoppages for replenishment and of course our Lifetime Limited Equipment Warranty for customers who use our labels on ID Technology labeling machines.

Want to get started? Contact your ID Technology sales manager or feel free to send me email to

Get ready to improve your labeling efficiency and sustainability efforts!

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