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Durable Labels for Food Safety and Seafood Traceability

Food and seafood have made a splash in the news as of late revealing contaminated spinach, deadly meat, and counterfeit seafood. With the FDA bearing down on regulations for traceability from farm to fork or sea to server, growers/fisheries must be able to identify lots/catches. Many are doing this voluntarily and are moving ahead of the […]

How Important is Food Safety?

Well, is food safety important to you? It certainly is for me and I’m wondering why it is taking so long for us to see any results from the Food Safety Modernization Act that President Obama signed into law two years ago. There seems to have been a lack of noticeable activity since then. Finally, there does […]

Will Food Safety Harm Small Businesses?

Although the Food Safety Modernization Act, passed last December, excluded many small farmers and food producers from some of the regulations, many are still worried that new rules will cause them more harm than good. Very small businesses who sell less than $500,000 in the same state and are within 275 miles of the food […]

Why Standards Improve Food Safety

Because food sources are global, and food manufacturers commingle ingredients from a variety of suppliers, you don’t really know where the food you are consuming came from, how it was grown or made, or how it was shipped to your market. That is why having a traceability system in place is so important to ensure food […]

Finally, Food Safety Legislation Passes

The food safety legislation that was stalled at the end of November due to a tax glitch was unanimously approved by the Senate this past Sunday evening. The bill is now on its way to the House, where it is expected to pass. Once President Obama signs the legislation, the government will have the authority to set […]

Food Safety Bill Stalled Again

It appeared on Tuesday, November 30,  that the Food Safety bill (S. 510) had finally made it’s way through the Senate, having been passed by a 73-25 margin. But before the bill’s supporters had time to celebrate, the bill was blocked on its way to the House for passage. Apparently, the bill contained a section that would impose […]

Food Safety Can Yield Productivity Benefits

Growers, harvesters, manufacturers, packagers, and shippers are part of the complex food supply chain that is responsible for delivering safe food to consumers all over the world. The wide variety of products grown and manufactured, the need for more efficient processing to reduce costs, and the volume of fresh and processed food products that must […]

Progress on the Food Safety Act

The Senate’s version of the food safety bill introduced last year – S.510 – looks like it finally has enough bipartisan agreement on key issues and might have a chance of passing. Some of the provisions of the bill include: Hazard analysis and preventive controls: Facilities that manufacture, process, pack, or hold food must have in […]

Food Safety Legislation Expected To Pass Soon

The Food Safety Modernization Act (S. 510) could be on the President’s desk within a few weeks. The bill was unanimously voted out of committee in mid-November 2009, and after months of waiting, the Senate is expected to bring pending food safety legislation to the floor within the next week. Even though the bill has […]

Food Safety? There’s an app for that!

If you want to keep up with news about our food supply chain, the Food Safety News site is a great place to start. Whatever your interest, maybe in legislation, recalls, the politics of the food business, you’ll find some good content. To make it easier to keep up, the FSN folks have just launched […]