True: FDA Does Have A Sense of Humor

label Most of you are familiar with what a nutrition label looks like. How many know just what all that information means for you?

The is a great place to go to learn more. Why?

  1. You’ll find easy-to-understand articles, videos and posts that will help you better understand what is on that nutrition label and what you need to know to make good food choices.
  2. And maybe most surprising – the FDA has a sense of humor.
Want Proof?
labelTake a moment to go to the FDA website and view videos on nutrition labels. The full video at the top is just over 28 minutes. Or you can choose individual, shorter segments:
  • CSI (Calorie Scene Investigators)
  • Game Show (Are You Smarter Than A Food Label)
  • Road Food (Finding Nutrition Information On The Road)
and more…

In addition to videos, the delivers current events, recall information, what to do in the event of disasters and information directed at school-age projects – great resource for teaching nutrition in the classroom. Check out their blog to see how thinking out of the box – using Legos – middle-schoolers came up with innovative solutions to food safety challenges.


Do you need nutrition labels for your product?

If you are charged with printing nutrition labels for your products or need some preprinted in lower quantities or durable label materials on synthetic label stock, be sure to check out Thermal Transfer Labels. You’ll want to be sure your label with withstand harsh environments such as freezing, exposure to moisture, adhesion to irregular surfaces or with pre-caution when applied directly to the food.

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