Are you still hand-applying labels? Is it working?

Are you applying labels by hand because they are quite small, wrap around the corner of a box, need special care when applied to fragile items or you need to manage the sequential numbering and traceability for distribution?

With advancements in applicator technology, having employees hand apply labels is quickly becoming obsolete.

Some labeling jobs can go from hand-application to automatic label applicators to:

  • Save on labor costs per hour, speed production, efficient label handling.
  • Provide straight and consistent label placement.
  • Apply labels of all sizes from the smallest labels often used for electronics applications to large shipping labels for cartons and pallets.
  • Apply labels around box corners, on delicate items.
  • Provide connectivity with ERP and proprietary legacy WMS systems.
Print and Apply Applicators come in various sizes, and functionality. They are sized and priced to handle smaller volume or specialized jobs. Others are more robust including conveyor belts, integrated with PCs, scales, bar code scanners or other devices to provide maximum efficiency.
It is easy to integrate your choice of label printing engine by Datamax-O’Neil, Zebra, Intermec or other. Print and apply your labels all automatically.Winco ID can help you set up your labels to reduce your label inventory, save on label printing costs and the time to change rolls of labels between every job by using pre-printed labels. The colors, graphics or standard text can be printed in larger volumes leaving space for variable data to be printed on demand as jobs change. So if you’re using labels that are the same, except for the variable data, ask us about how you can simplify your inventory and reduce costs.

If you are still hand-applying labels, or changing rolls of labels for each new job, give us a call at 603.598-1553 to learn how you can speed your labeling operation and save on expenses.
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