Traversing Coder for HFFS Machines

Just about every package that is produced for food or medical products needs to have some kind of date or lot coding. This might be a simple “Use by Date”, something more complicated with lot and serial numbers, or maybe linear or 2D barcodes – UDI barcodes, perhaps.

Citronix ci5000 Printer with Traversing System

Citronix ci5000 Printer with Traversing System

This can get interesting when needing to print codes on packaging that is produced on a horizontal form, fill & seal (HFFS) system, where a number of packages are produced in a grid pattern. This means that several packs often have to be printed at the same time.

A great solution for this is to use a traversing system to move the printhead across the packages, printing as it goes.  Since most HFFS systems are intermittent (thy feed the web for a certain number of packs, then stop while the products are filled and the package is sealed), there is time for the printer to complete its task before the film is indexed again. The video shows a system that traverses in both the x-axis (across the web) and y-axis (in the direction of web feed) to complete printing across the package pattern.

By combining the technologies of ProMach brands ID Technology and Greydon, we can supply traversing printing systems that use a number of technologies to get the best and most cost-effective print on a wide range of packaging equipment and packaging materials. These include continuous inkjet and thermal inkjet (TIJ) and well as thermal transfer printing.

Greydon’s traversing thermal printer can print up to 5 inches wide, making it possible to print the complete package, not just the variable data.


Greydon Traversing Thermal Transfer Printer

Greydon Traversing Thermal Transfer Printer

Which is Best?

With so many possible ways to print variable cxodes onto your packaging, it can be difficult to figure out which is the best method.

That’s where we come in – your local ID Technology or Greydon contact, is knowledgable about all types of product coding technology and can help you decide which will work best for your particular situation. To get started,  contact us today at 888-438-3242 Option#3. You can also email me at We’ll be sure to get you in touch with an expert, right in your area!

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