Podcast – Lasers and Sustainability

The Labeling News PodcastOur most recent podcast covered two topics:

The Loop waste-free packaging concept and how laser coding can help brands meet their sustainability targets.

In this episode I take advantage of a visit to Macsa ID in Barcelona, to chat with Macsa’s CEO Jordi Pinot on the topic of sustainability in packaging and how laser coding can help companies meet their sustainability goals.

Before this, there is a quick update on the Loop circular packaging system. Kroger is now a Loop partner here in the US as well as Walgreens. I’m still somewhat skeptical about this, but it does seem to be making progress.

Loop Waste Free Packaging Concept

On the topic of lasers for coding and marking products, Macsa has a very complete line up of laser systems for just about every application – see more info here: https://www.idtechnology.com/products/coding-solutions/laser-coders/

Laser Coding Can Help Meet Sustainability Targets

In the podcast, we discuss how laser coding allows for permanent prints to be added to all kinds of products. Lasers use no inks or solvents, making them an environmentally friendly way to add date and traceability codes as well as barcodes to many types of packaging materials.

Listen to the podcast here: Labeling News Podcast Episode 5   or search for Labeling News at Apple Podcasts or Spotify.


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