An Introduction to GS1 Barcodes

GS1 is the global entity that sets barcode and data standards that make supply chains work. While we tend to think of GS1 in terms of barcodes, the whole GS1 concept is really built around the data – barcodes are just a convenient way of keeping the data where it needs to be and to provide […]

Labeling and Coding for Baked Goods

The variety of products, packaging types, and production environments in the baked goods industry create difficult labeling and coding challenges. Industry regulations requiring accurate coding of information on all packaging, and the need to keep lines up and running continuously further complicate your labeling and coding process. ID Technology helps simplify your labeling and coding with […]

Future Proofing Labeling Operations

These days things can change quickly with your labeling needs. This year you might need to print and apply labels to your products – next year (or sooner!) it might be that pre-printed labels are needed. Something that helps deal with this uncertainty is ID Technology’s Label Dispense Module. The Label Dispense Module is standard […]

Shipping Case Labeling for Bakeries

Many types of baked goods need to have shipping cases that are correctly labeled, before being dispatched to the customer. Some of the big retail companies, such as Walmart have guidelines as to how cases need to be labeled – often requiring labels to be applied to more than one side of the case. ID […]

Labeling Variable Height Boxes

If you are responsible for a distribution or fulfillment center, you probably have to be able to automatically apply licence plate and other labels to boxes of various shapes and sizes – usually at high speeds. ID Technology’s Model 350EHS (Electronic High Speed) Label Printer Applicator was engineered just for you. The 350EHS is installed […]

Labeling, Coding and Marking – What’s Right For Your Business

Every business has to identify things. From little things to big things, perishables to metal objects, things that move about and things that together make other things. Are you branding your product and need to print full-color labels on demand? Are you required to print variable date/lot codes directly on product packaging, or produce a permanent direct mark? Are you using text, barcodes, […]

Simple MIL-STD-129 Label Solution

We’ve been providing solutions for printing compliant MIL-STD-129 labels for years. These are based around our set of BarTender label templates and our solution is basically the same hardware and software we use here – we also print and encode barcode and RFID labels for DoD contractors who don’t want to print the labels themselves. […]

Pneumatic or Electronic for Your Label Printer Applicator?

The applicator module on a label printer applicator has what seems to be a simple task to perform. It grabs a label as it leaves the printer and then applies it to the correct position on the object to be labeled – this might be a pallet, a box or some other object. Of course, […]

Citronix CIJ Printers – great time to buy

Here at ID Technology, we believe in offering our clients the best value possible with everything we sell. Our line of ciSeries Citronix Continuous Inkjet Printers is no exception. We are the exclusive distributor for these products in the USA and we have hundreds of very successful installations. Our friends at Citronix have put a lot […]

Labels for Memjet Printers

In the world of colour label printing, Memjet is the technology that seems to be catching on the fastest. There are a lot of Memjet label printers out there, including the VP700 that we can provide. Of course, having a printer with all the capabilities of the Memjet process is of no use without high […]